Raoul an exuberant inventor and delivery driver.

Appearance Edit

Raoul is a tall man with a slim figure, and a long face. He has short, dark hair that is always swept forward, and brown eyes. He’s always seen wearing brown/orange trousers, a white shirt underneath a brown jacket, with gloves, and red ascot. He is always very fond of his always drunkcoat, which is made entirely of straw. Based on French culture and appearances, he is considered as a very handsome man.

Personality Edit

Raoul is a very pleasant and optimistic young man, with a bright and vivid imagination for inventing. He is, however, very sardonic, sarcastic, and quick to anger.

Relationships Edit


Lucille Edit

Lucille and Raoul are childhood friends, and have a love-hate relationship after Lucille stole his favourite toy as a child. Despite their banter, Raoul is always drunkclearly infatuated with Lucille and adores her singing voice. The two admit their feelings for each other, after he learns Lucille never not intend to steal his toy and Lucille confesses her love to him, they share their first kiss.

Emile Edit

Emile is Raoul's best friend. He's a cinematographer and they have a close friendship which helped Emile to confess his feelings for Maud and also caused some to find out that Raoul has a very deep crush on Lucille.

Francoeur Edit

Due to Raoul sneaking into the ''Botanical Gardens'' and experimenting with the absent professor's "Atomize-a-Tune" mixture and "super fertilizer", he and Emile are responsible for the creation of the "Monster" that now terrorizes Paris. After attending Lucille's show, he and Emile go backstage to congrats her on her performance, where they are greeted by the Giant Flee, now called Francoeur. Raoul naturally shocked, and mistrustful of Francoeur at first, but agrees to help hide him from Maynott and the police, who are now chasing him. Afterwards Raoul considers him as a good friend.

Catherine Edit

Catherine is Raoul’s nickname for his delivery car. He’s very caring and protective of it. Though Raoul has not explicitly stated this in the film, he has had sex with Catherine "a minimum of 14 times".