Official artwork of Francoeur with his guitar

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Francoeur is a giant singing flea, with a gentle disposition, and is Lucille's (secondary main character) new friend.

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Charles attempts to catch the falling potions, oblivious to the tiny flea jumping off of him


Emile sees Francoeur for the first time


Francoeur's role in the film: Edit

He was originally a normal flea, living on Charles, a white furred proboscis monkey, in the garden of a botanist referred to as 'the professor', who made a variety of potions in his lab. Raoul used unstable fertilizer on a sunflower seed and threw it in the pond the sunflower grew rapidly and knocked the two potions Charles put back (one causing a 'melodious voice', and the other causing rapid growth in size- the label of this potion says 'unstable' on the back), off the shelf completely unaware that a small flea jumped off of Charles, and was caught right in the middle of the conflict. Francoeur instantly grew to a height of about 8 feet. Emile was the first to see the 'monster' that they had created; after his scream Francoeur jumped through the roof of the large greenhouse, and disappeared into the night. As Francoeur traveled around Paris, jumping from roof to roof, he was met with many more blood-curdling screams, since everyone who saw him thought of him as a monster. He takes the black coat and hat, and the red scarf of one man who runs away from him and wears them, disguising his flea form.

Meanwhile, Inspector Pâté unravels the mystery of the giant flea, and the police begin to search as witness statements pile up.


Lucille asks if Francoeur is alright, believing him to be a human

After Lucille turned down Albert's pleas for a career at the Rare Bird cabaret, he is leaving the establishment into the alleyway outside when he sees Francoeur, tries to get back into the Rare Bird by ringing the doorbell frantically, gives up, and runs away screaming


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Francoeur shows Lucille his face


Lucille after seeing Francoeur's face

Francoeur pulls on the doorbell several times, like he saw Albert doing, and a furious Lucille throws the door open, expecting to find Albert. The door throws Francoeur to the floor in the alleyway, among various litter and debris. Concerned, Lucille apologizes and asks if he's alright, but faints when he shows his face, which had been hidden behind his


Francoeur catches Lucille after she faints

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Francoeur smiles when Lucille wakes up

scarf. Francoeur catches her, but when she is roused by the rain on her face she slaps him and runs back into the Rare Bird, locking the door behind her. The rain falling on the various objects in the alleyway starts to make a tune, and Francoeur sings a song about his ordeal since he grew and became the monster of Paris:

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Lucille secretly watches Francoeur singing

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Francoeur sings 'A Monster in Paris'

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Lucille accepts Francoeur

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Francoeur after receiving his name


Lucille trying various wigs on Francoeur to disguise him

Francoeur 02

Francoeur wears his on-stage disguise for the first time


Lucille attempts to remove Francoeur from the stage before the show begins

'I... I hide my light inside a cloak of night
Beneath the red scarf and a chapeau
The pearl of my heart locked within a shell
Too afraid to let it go, to let it show
And all the headlines read
For the whole world to see
A monster in Paris
I fall apart, I fall apart, apparently
I did appear beneath the light
Yes it was me
A monster in Paris
I hide my pain inside a melody
It's as if notes I sing set me free
I keep all my dreams under a lock and key
I'm so afraid that they will fly, away from me
A monster in Paris
A monster in Paris
A monster in Paris''

when i first looked at the girl i coudnt breath because i loved her, beautiful she was

File:A Monster In Paris

One of the two potions that he came into contact with when he transformed gave him a beautiful singing voice, and Lucille is secretly watching, amazed. Touched by his song, Lucille shelter and asks him if he has a name. Since he only answers with a multitude of flea noises, she assumes not, and names him 'Francoeur', after the name of the alleyway they are in ('Passage Francoeur'), it means 'honest heart'. She invites him inside, where she disguises him in a white suit, mask, gloves, and hat, with a turquoise scarf and shirt, and smart black shoes. Francoeur pulls back his sleeve and notices that the large hairs on his arms are disappearing this was because the effects of the potions that changed him won't permanent. Lucille hides him in her dressing room, where he learns that he is particularly talented at playing the guitar. He is quickly discovered by her aunt Carlotta, who cannot see through his disguise, and believes he is a human. She informs the band that accompany Lucille in her performances that Francoeur will join them, as his guitar music would be a perfect fit for Lucille's voice. Despite Lucille's attempts to get him off the stage, Francoeur ends up joining in with Lucille's performance, making her song 'La Seine' (referring to the river Seine) into a duet:

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Lucille and Francoeur perform 'La Seine' together, as a duet

'She's resplendent, so confident
La Seine, La Seine, La Seine
I realize, I'm hypnotized La Seine, La Seine, La Seine
I hear the moon singing a tune
La Seine, La Seine, La Seine
Is she divine, Is it the wine
La Seine, La Seine, La Seine


Lucille says 'He is not a monster' about Francoeur to Raoul and Emile

I don't know, don't know, so don't ask me why
That's how we are, La Seine and I
I don't know, don't know, so don't ask me why
That's how we are, La Seine and I

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Francoeur and Lucille in Lucille's dressing room after the performance

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Francoeur enjoys smelling Lucille's flowers

I feel alive when I'm beside
La Seine, La Seine, La Seine
From this angle like an angel
La Seine, La Seine, La Seine

I don't know, don't know, so don't ask me why
That's how we are, La Seine and I
I don't know, don't know, so don't ask me why
That's how we are, the Seine and I

Upon the bridge
My heart does beat Between the waves
We will be saved
The air we breathe

Francoeur and lucille by evelyn soldier-d4ml9kf

Francoeur hides in Lucille's piano


Lucille hatches the plan to fake Francoeur's death


Francoeur pretends to capture Lucille

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Francoeur protects Emile from Maynott's gunshots

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The plan to fake Francoeur's death backfires, and Commissioner Maynott finds him

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Francoeur collapses

Can you believe?
Learn to forgive upon the bridge

That's how we are, the Seine and I
That's how we are, the Seine and I
That's how we are, the Seine and I
That's how we are, the Seine and I'

Raoul and Emile come to congratulate Lucille and Francoeur on their performance, but after shaking Francoeur's blue, hairy, three-fingered hands, they panic as they realize he's the monster. Lucille slaps them both, claiming he's no monster and has a name, and they quickly see the truth.

Albert later informs Commissioner Maynott as to Francoeur's whereabouts, but Francoeur hides in a piano while the police search the Rare Bird. Lucille them hatches a plan to fake Francoeur's death, so that nobody would try to find him anymore. He pretends to capture Lucille during her performance of 'Papa Paris' at the opening of the new railway, and Emile and Raoul trick Commissioner Maynott into thinking that an exploding potion from the professor's lab is a shrinking potion or 'antidote' for the monster. The police are unable to shoot Francoeur, as Maynott doesn't want them to hit Lucille. He instead throws the 'antidote' at Francoeur, and the small bottle promptly smashes and explodes, giving Francoeur a thick pink cloud of smoke to use for cover, as he disappears through the trap door. Raoul says that Francoeur has shrunk down to his normal flea size, and pretends to squash him under his foot. However, Inspector Pâté notices Francoeur's red scarf poking out from under the trap door, and Maynott attempts to shoot Francoeur, who turns around so the bullet bounces off of his shell. A chase follows, during which Francoeur noticably gets weaker. Francoeur reaches the Eiffle Tower, where his lower arms disappear as he begins to revert to normal size, and later the spikes on his back. He eventually collapses atop the Eiffel Tower and he unseemly reverts to flea size. Emile attempts to defend the unconscious flea, but Maynott eventually shoots Francoeur, and is arrested by Inspector Pâté for 'the premeditated murder of Monsieur Francoeur', as Pâté finally realized that Francoeur was no monster. Francoeur's coat, hat, and scarf flutter down in the wind, Francoeur nowhere to be seen. Lucille, Raoul, Emile, Maude, and Charles grieve for him. Raoul convinces Lucille to perform at the Rare Bird in Francoeur's honor. During Lucille's performance, she freezes on stage due to her grief, when she suddenly hears Francoeur singing in her ear, back at his normal flea size. She sings along with him in a duet of 'Just a little kiss', which Francoeur had earlier composed on the piano (he was also a prodigy at this):

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Lucille and Francoeur perform 'Just a little kiss

'To feel unbearable never again
Even if I change
Deep inside I'll be the same
We have a tendency to be ashamed
Let me tell you how to
Help me break out of this chain'
Oh oh oh...
Just a little kiss will do
Oh oh oh
Just a little kiss from you
Don't you know, it's enough to believe
That every glass of water will return to the sea
It's very easy and you may not know
It's no more complicated than a simple hello'
So my love, et voilà
So my love can it be
To be to be in love'
from one day, two days, three days
For everyday
Oh oh oh
just a little kiss will do,
just a little kiss from you
just a little kiss from you
Oh oh oh
just a little kiss will do
just a little kiss
just a little kiss from you
just a little kiss from you
Oh oh oh
just a little kiss will do,
just a little kiss from you
just a little kiss from
just a little kiss from
just a little kiss from you''

 Rendered Edit

During the song, they get the professor to make them a stable potion, and change Francoeur back to his larger than life size permanently.

Trivia Edit

  • The name 'Francoeur' is derived from the alley in which he was found ('Passage Francoeur') by Lucille. It means 'Honest Heart', showing how Lucille saw him.
  • He resembles Erik from 'The Phantom of the Opera', particularly in his white mask.
  • He is hinted to be in love with Lucille.
    • His singing is voiced by Sean Lennon (son of Beatles member John Lennon) and french is Mathew Cheidid